Paul is awarded the RGS 2018 Founder's Medal

Paul Rose has been awarded one of the Society’s two Royal Medals. The Royal Medals are approved by Her Majesty the Queen, and are among the highest honours of their kind in the world.
Fish in Malpelo

Remote island of Malpelo

The Pristine Seas team is currently carrying out an expedition to the Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, studying the marine environments, which form part of the tropical Eastern Pacific marine corridor.
A blacktip reef shark patrols a healthy coral community in the outer Seychelles islands.

Ocean Refuge the Size of Great Britain Announced

The new conservation measure will protect Seychelles from illegal fishing for generations to come.

National Geographic Interview

A diver, mountaineer, explorer and presenter, Paul Rose is currently Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions. He is a former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, and for a decade was the Base Commander of Rothera Research Station in Antarctica.

National Geographic - Voices

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Apex predator meets naked Essex man.

The air blew out of my lungs as an immense weight suddenly landed on my head, neck and left shoulder. In that instant I knew it was a polar bear.

UK Government approves world’s largest marine reserve around Pitcairn Island

The UK government intends to proceed with designation of the World's largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) around Pitcairn.

Join Paul for a Live Twitter Chat!

On the 19th March you can join Paul for a 'live' Twitter chat.

Ripping up books on expeditions!

Paul's report of his five most treasured books featured in The Holborn reveals more about Paul than the books!

Bubble Helmet exclusive commissions

Paul has teamed up with Richard Bull at Oceanaire for exclusive use of the Lama Bubble Helmet.

Paul's favourite walk for the National Trust

This is your chance to help choose the Nation's Favourite Walk. The National Trust has enlisted 8 celebrities, including Paul Rose, to tell us about the National Trust walks that they love the most.

America's Cup

Paul will join the America's Cup at Plymouth and will be sailing on the new AC45!

Great Explorers

Paul is the author of the Ferdinand Magellan and Alexander von Humboldt chapters of this stunning new book.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2010

Rolex recruits ten global innovators to judge awards for visionary young people.

Paul's top reading list

I was invited to contribute my top ten books for "Writers' Reads". Here's the list from the interview and I'll keep it updated with my recommendations.

Fastnet Yacht Race

Paul has just returned from competing in this year's Rolex Fastnet Yacht Race on-board 'Polar Bear' and the Artemis Challenge on Team Pindar's Open 60!

Paul sails with Team Pindar in the Artemis Challenge

Earthwatch ambassador Paul Rose was among the Team Pindar crew finishing second in the Artemis Challenge at Cowes Week on 5 August.