Paul is a very experienced & popular public speaker. He inspires, educates, motivates & entertains. He consistently receives the very best testimonials and references. Here is a  small selection of comments from TV and speaking.

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Royal Geographical Society

Paul's stories from personal experiences are the most inspiring way of encouraging people to explore and engage in the outdoors I have heard.  Global Learning.

On behalf of Geographical and the RGS, I would like to thank you so much for attending the Young Geographer Awards presentation as guest speaker on Tuesday. 
It was a pleasure to meet you and your talk was both entertaining and inspirational and enjoyed immensely by all. I have had several emails and calls from parents and teachers to express their thanks for an interesting and fun day out and to let me know how much their students / sons / daughters enjoyed meeting you.
Geographical Magazine.

British Schools Exploring Society

Just wanted you to know that I thought your lecture was cracking. I have heard 3 of your lectures in four months and they are just; Incredible! Inspirational! What a treat.

Your talk was quite superb and the way you wove your fascinating experiences into such a positive approach to life was a real inspiration both to us oldies and, I know, to the younger generation present.

Alaska Forum on the Envrionment

Thank you for the most inspiring and motivational keynote lecture. You touched all of our diverse audience with your authority, personal experience and sense of fun! We'll book you for next year too.

A real treat to have taken in your brilliant keynote & to meet you.

The way Paul shares his views on difficult and serious issues in this world through his amazing personal experiences captured the whole diverse audience in an impressive way. He gave us so much to talk about afterwards.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

I confess that every time I think back on your plenary presentation and the passion and enthusiasm you bring to your work, I am reminded of the importance of the work we're doing and reinvigorated to work even harder.

Environment Agency

A wonderful keynote that inspired, educated and entertained us all.

Important and serious messages presented in such an open, fun and personal way, makes them just so much more powerful

Paul Rose was a vibrant and stimulating speaker. The best way to sell a message or life style change is to relate it to your own experience, which Paul did to great effect, enthusing the audience to take action on environmental protection.

Simon Chiva
Head of Resource Efficiency Programme
UK Centre for Economic & Environmental Developmen


Paul's talk about 'Living and Working in Antarctica' at Oxford was a fantastic success. When tasked with providing a speaker who could captivate, excite and interest an audience spanning 70 years (the youngest being 7, the oldest 77!) I knew there was only one person for the job. Paul as usual, came up trumps with his unique blend of enthusiasm, wit and factual knowledge.

SpellBound Talks

John Muir Trust

Thank you for your passionate and enlightening lecture. Delivered with fun and style!

Cafe Scientifique

Superb! Diving under ice in the Antarctic, marine science, extreme conditions, all made so much fun! Please come again.

University of York

Thank you very much for a fantastic speech and chairing the conference yesterday.  The feedback, particularly for your input was excellent.  It seemed you created lots of happy people!  In the absence of any experience in organising events ourselves, we very much appreciated your expertise and proficiency at ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Queen Mary 2

What a life - a transatlantic cruise, complete with your wonderful talks.

You are welcome back onboard anytime - thank you so much for the superb series of lectures.

What fun! How do you do it? Such great enthusiasm, passion, warmth, energy & story telling.

It is the fastest 45 minutes lecture I have ever taken part of. Paul Rose's way of presenting important messages through powerful stories is a delightful experience.

Television Reviews

Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey. Take One Museum, Voyages of Discovery, Oceans, have all received excellent reviews, selected as Picks of the Day, Picks of the Week & enjoy frequent repeats. A small selection of reviews follows;

The Daily Telegraph

Anyone who saw Paul Rose’s more wide-ranging and impressively argued documentary Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey, may well feel that Sir David Attenborough was, for once, following rather than leading the brand.

The Times

There were more satisfying “Well, I never!” nuggets in Voyages of Discovery (BBC Four), the first of five programmes about explorers. On board a replica of the Victoria, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, Paul Rose related the final journey of the Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan. In five unsuitable ships, Magellan set off in 1519 on behalf of Spain to find an accessible route to the valuable Spice Islands and so best Columbus by reaching east by sailing west.

Rose, favouring a jeans-and- sweatshirt, get-stuck-in approach, appreciated the hardships endured by Magellan’s crew. An Everest climber and polar explorer, Rose once had to survive for four days on soup made out of toothpaste. Starkey, Schama and Niall Ferguson beat that!

But this never came across as bragging. Rose was an affable, if restless, presence. Whether telling us about the politics of the day or Magellan’s ruthless dispatch of mutineers, Rose could be seen hauling ropes, climbing the rigging or gutting fish by a campfire. He combined Michael Wood’s enthusiasm with Ray Mears’s practicality. Welcome to the survivalist historian.

BBC Have Your Say

Watched the film about Nansen last night and was absolutely stunned. The finest hour of television I have seen in a long, long time. Riveting, amazing and at the same time beautifully understated. I thought to myself "Only BBC Four would go to the trouble of dramatising the events in Norwegian AND not bothering with subtitles!" Superb stuff.

This was a marvellous programme, presented with wonderful enthusiasm, and it provides hope that future generations may be inspired by TV to choose to study science and not follow the masses into pop and entertainment.

Simply the best series of programmes I have seen for a very long time! Superbly produced and more gripping than any fiction could possibly be. Well done to all involved. Hope there is a book to follow.

The Times

Rose was happiest when detailing near-unconquerable, high-altitude Andean mountains and insect-ridden jungles. One expedition member was even killed by a Spanish mob after flaunting his association with a woman at a bullfight. I think Rose must be the only history presenter who sounds disappointed at not being there when things got really bad.

The Guardian

Here, what followed is brought to gasping, glorious life via genuinely gripping reconstructions and the ineffably reassuring presence of the host/explorer Paul Rose.

The Guardian

Explorer Paul Rose, who, as ever, sounds vaguely disappointed that he wasn't there himself when things got really bad, retraces the steps of the geographer Jean Godin's team.

The Daily Telegraph

A trememndous film of epic adventure and bravery. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice.

The Observer

Paul Rose is so likeable and so assured whether scuba diving or recreating Cook's on-ship cooking the this turns out to be a hugely entertaining hour.

The Daily Telegraph

Paul Rose, a rugged, enthusiastic and likeable explorer type sets off on the trail of five great adventurers.