The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

Watch Paul's message as Ambassador for Friends of the Lake District's 'The Great Cumbria Litter Pick' initiative.
Antarctic Seabed Carbon Capture Change

Antarctic Seabed Carbon Capture Change Project

Paul understands the polar regions and is delighted to be in support of the ASCCC, which leads the way in exploring and communicating the essential role of polar seabeds in the carbon cycle. We are fortunate that this very talented team is working on climate change issues!

Driven to Extremes Charity Ambassador

Injured ex-soldiers suffering from PTSD need specialised treatment on their road to recovery and it’s not all about doctors, hospitals or medication. There is an essential need for challenge, adventure and successes and that’s where Driven to Extremes fits in.

Expedition & Field Research Grants

Are you planning scientific, adventurous field research or exploration? Then the Directory of Grant-Giving Organisations is a great place to look for funding!

Royal Geographical Society Grants

The Society's Grants Programme develops new knowledge and advances geographical science, supporting geographical research in the UK and overseas.

National Geographic Expands Global Grants Program

National Geographic Expands Global Grants Program, Funding Individuals and Ideas That Push Boundaries, Inspire Solutions.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise

If you are between 18 and 30 years old with vision and a ground-breaking proposal that will help to expand knowledge of our world and improve the quality of life on the planet, apply for a Rolex Award in 2018

Dive Arctic waters and contribute to science!

Pro-Active Diving is a new project with huge potential. The abundant and colourful underwater life combined with the challenges of cold-water diving make the NORA Region (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway) an attractive destination for scuba divers.

Images From A Warming Planet - a new book by Ashley Cooper

One man’s Mission to document climate change around the world. With a foreword by Jonathon Porritt.


Paul is a Patron of Deptherapy: A charity providing specially adapted scuba diving programmes for seriously injured armed service personnel.

The Land Rover Bursary

Two pioneering travellers are set to create a fully mapped 1,500km hiking trail through the Lesser Caucasus mountain range, with the help of a modified Land Rover Defender.

Creating Waves in Mozambique - a great investment!

Paul is working with Marine Megafauna Foundation to engage Mozambican children with the ocean through marine conservation, swimming and water safety instruction.

Paul leads the 'Cleaner Thames' Campaign

International explorer Paul Rose has called on Londoners to ‘do the right thing’ and make sure their rubbish goes in the bin, not in the River Thames.

Wreck to Reef

Sinking a ship to create an artificial reef is smart ocean conservation and is an important part of a “blue economy”.
Sea Lion Crisis 2015

Sea Lion Crisis 2015

Since the beginning of this year, along the California coastline, hundreds of malnourished, starving wild sea lion pups have been washing up on our beaches.

High Altitude Oceanography

Adventure science at it's best: Remote high lakes in the Pyrenees. The world's best scientists. First class science revealing globally important issues. Plus vultures!

Paul's BBC Inside Out: Plastic Seas

Marine expert Paul Rose investigates for BBC documentary Inside Out and warns that the vast quantities of plastics which litter the UK's oceans are a real danger to sea life and also threaten humans.

Debris dive in Lake Windermere!

262 divers joined Paul Rose and collected tons of rubbish in response to his call to action to clean up Lake Windermere and help raise awareness of ocean debris.

Paul's dive aboard the Mir submarine

Paul joined Anatoly Sagalevich and his Mir sub team to dive 305 meters to the bottom of Lake Geneva as part of the Elemo science project.

Climate Change lecture tour in Sri Lanka and India for British Council

Meltdown or sustainability? What's really going on with our climate? Paul has just returned from his climate change lecture tour in Sri Lanka and India.

Paul supports the British Antarctic Monument Trust

To celebrate the achievements of the men and women whose scientific exploration in the British Antarctic Territory has led to a new understanding of our planet.


Glow is pretty valuable. We know it when we see it, we know people who don’t have it – so how do you get glow and encourage others to use theirs?

Earthwatch; The Value of Citizen Science!

Many hands - new knowledge. Paul is the Oceans Ambassador for Earthwatch and an active supporter for all citizen science.


I am very optimistic about our future sustainable development.

Citizen Science; Britain and Worldwide

I am a big fan and supporter of "citizen science". Here are some useful links for getting involved.