Images From A Warming Planet - a new book by Ashley Cooper

This stunning book contains 495 photographs within 416 pages. It is beautifully printed and produced with a cloth-covered, hard-back cover with matt gold foiling and blind de-bossing, encased in a scratch resistant dust jacket. Size 240 x 300mm. The book is available to buy at

‘This book shows, like no other, our dependence on fossil fuels and why we have to open a new chapter in our history. We have the technologies to power our lives without the terrible pollution we have grown accustomed to. Do political leaders have the courage to take the new technologies to scale? Only if we bolster their resolve to act in favour of the future. Everyone should see this book and make their voice heard. It is a tremendous achievement by Ashley Cooper.’
Mark Edwards
Hard Rain Project

‘These striking and powerful images remind us what's at stake on the one planet we've got - and the duty we all have to try and preserve it!’
Bill McKibben
Founder of and author of ‘Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet’

'This book is utterly spectacular. It brings climate change - both causes and effects - to life in a way that has seldom been attempted before. From the ephemeral beauty of vanishing Alpine glaciers to the relentless toll taken by sea level rise on vulnerable islands, Ashley’s photos capture a moment in our planet’s history that will resonate down the generations - either for good or for bad, depending on how ambitiously we collectively act today to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You, the reader, will decide how this book’s story ends.'
Mark Lynas
Environment Writer

‘The signing of the Paris Agreement is a monumental and historical success for us all and we can’t allow the US election result to throw us off course. Now is the time for us all to sharpen up our climate change knowledge, get out to the frontline and refresh our senses of the changes, be tireless in our support of the global science community and of course - we must buy Ashley’s beautiful book!’
Paul Rose