Climate Change lecture tour in Sri Lanka and India for British Council

Interim report;

Meltdown or sustainability? What's really going on with our climate? Paul has just returned from his climate change lecture tour, "Talking Climate", in Sri Lanka and India.

In just 12 days Paul presented his climate change lectures to full-houses in Colombo, Delhi, Kolkata, Santiniketan, Pune, Baroda and Ahmedabad.

He also hosted and chaired expert panels, spoke at the Vasundhara Film Festival, met with hundreds of students, had excellent meetings, made TV appearances, gave countless press interviews and is happy to report that he loves Sri Lanka and India and will back as soon as possible!


Paul's tour is part of the British Council's initiative "Talking Climate".

This is just the briefest of reports to thank the British Council, his local hosts and all those who attended his lectures.

Full report to follow shortly.


A selection of the media coverage;

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Paul speaking in Colombo Sri Lanka

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Paul leading the TVEAP panel; Science Communication Challenge of Our Times

Press interview links;

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