Paul is a very experienced & popular public speaker. He inspires, educates, motivates & entertains. He consistently receives the very best testimonials and references. Here is a  small selection of comments from TV and speaking.

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The Times TV Guide

A new series in which Paul Rose, a cheerfully rugged action man, recounts tales of great nautical endeavours.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

I confess that every time I think back on your plenary presentation and the passion and enthusiasm you bring to your work, I am reminded of the importance of the work we're doing and reinvigorated to work even harder.

Alaska Forum on the Envrionment

Thank you for the most inspiring and motivational keynote lecture. You touched all of our diverse audience with your authority, personal experience and sense of fun! We'll book you for next year too.

A real treat to have taken in your brilliant keynote & to meet you.

The way Paul shares his views on difficult and serious issues in this world through his amazing personal experiences captured the whole diverse audience in an impressive way. He gave us so much to talk about afterwards.

British Schools Exploring Society

Just wanted you to know that I thought your lecture was cracking. I have heard 3 of your lectures in four months and they are just; Incredible! Inspirational! What a treat.

Your talk was quite superb and the way you wove your fascinating experiences into such a positive approach to life was a real inspiration both to us oldies and, I know, to the younger generation present.

Earthwatch Institute

The second was more recent. A public lecture in a small theatre (200 seats) in a small town in Middle England. A special children’s lecture (8 +) where Paul spoke about Antarctic and his many years there as Base Commander of one of the key stations of the British Antarctic Survey. For nearly two hours (with a short break) Paul held a family audience spellbound. You could hear a pin drop when the audience weren’t laughing. I have no hesitation to speak up highly for Paul and his lecturing abilities. Many audiences await his magic.

Nigel Winser
Executive Director, Earthwatch Institute
Former Deputy Director of the Royal Geographical Society.

Royal Geographical Society

With specific reference to Paul’s lecturing abilities I can cite two recent lectures that have been outstanding.

The first was at the Royal Geographical Society last November – at the annual seminar called ‘Explore’ where Paul gave the keynote talk about ‘Why Explore’. It was by far the best talk of its kind I have ever heard. Paul drew on some 30 years of field experience weaving a personal story – with high ands lows – about the role of exploration and what there is to do by teams today. Those present came away with a clear vision on what they as young field scientists could do – and make a real contribution to understanding and monitoring our planet. From polar ice caps to the canopy of the tropical forest – from marine reef systems to high mountain valleys – there was something for everybody. And throughout - this balance between authority (in this case from personal experience) and accessibility – the hallmark of a Rose lecture.

View Paul's Royal Society lecture - "From Sled Dogs to Rockets"; Royal Society webcast