BBC Oceans

Paul's eight - part BBC TV series reveals the hidden stories of the deep.

For over a year Paul led the BBC Oceans team on eight voyages across the globe to explore our planet's last true wilderness - its oceans.

What lies below the frozen Arctic ice-sheets? Or in the black holes under the Caribbean Sea?

The oceans are Earth's single most important feature. They shape our climate, our culture, our future. Yet we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about Earth's watery depths.

Explorer Paul Rose leads a team of ocean experts in a series of global science expeditions. Filmed in High Definition in some of the most beautiful, diverse and threatened seas on our planet, the team travels across the world to the Southern Ocean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Sea of Cortez, the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean, to dive the depths of the world's seas and oceans. The planet's seas are changing fast and Oceans builds up a timely global picture of our planet's most magnificent and vital asset.